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Is your Insurance Settlement Enough?

Recovering from a massive insurance loss is a long term process that involves cleanup, insurance claims, construction, and shopping for replacement personal belongings. While you've paid your insurance premiums in full faithfully year after year, there's no guarantee that your insurance company will offer a final settlement that covers your rebuilding and replacement costs in full. Naturally, policy limits will have an effect on your final settlement and you can't change those. However, you do have some control over other factors affecting your settlement. If you are worried that your insurance check won't be enough, you'll want to concentrate on those factors that you can control.

Below are two of the most important factors to concentrate on:

  • What you claim
  • Supporting documentation

Remember, your insurance company won't pay for losses that it doesn't know about. One of the most important ways to maximize your final settlement is to claim all of your losses. In addition, your insurance company won't pay for losses that aren't supported with documentation. Make sure that you submit proof for all of your losses.

Brownsville public adjusters can help you throughout the claim with extensive services designed to maximize your final settlement. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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