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3 Warning Signs You Can't Afford to Ignore

You're dealing with the aftermath of a devastating property loss and you have done your part. You promptly called your insurance company and started the claims process. A claims adjuster has taken a look at your Brownsville property and written estimates for your losses. Soon, you'll have a settlement check and be ready to rebuild, and the nightmare will be over.

Or will it? What if it costs much more to rebuild than the adjuster figured? What if you realize after the fact that far more of your personal belongings were lost than you claimed? What if you discover additional structural damage once the construction is underway?

While many insurance claims work out beautifully, not all do. Warning signs often foreshadow insurance and rebuilding nightmares to come. Keep an eye out for the following warning signs and heed their warnings:

  • The insurance adjuster is from another state – Not all insurance adjusters are local. Your insurance company may have had to fly in a team of adjusters to handle the aftermath of a destructive event such as a hurricane or widespread flooding. While out-of-state adjusters play an important role, be aware that they may not be knowledgeable about Brownsville's building codes and costs. Watch out for lower-than-expected construction estimates and make sure to ask how each estimate was reached.
  • The insurance adjuster didn't spend much time at your property – Some insurance claims are relatively easy to adjust while others require extensive work. If the adjuster barely stepped out of the car, snapped a photo or two, and then left, chances are high that some damage was not acknowledged.
  • You can't remember what you possessed before the calamity – If you can't remember what you owned, how can you claim those belongings as a loss?
  • You didn't ask questions – Asking questions doesn't guarantee a higher insurance claim, but it does indicate a level of involvement. The more involved you are, the more likely you'll be to make sure that everything is claimed and accurately estimated. If you're passive, your claim could suffer as a result. Remember, the policyholder is the one who is responsible for proving losses so take a proactive role throughout the claims process.

Not the proactive type? Let a Brownsville public adjuster take over. Contact us today.

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