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Prevention, as the saying goes, is the best policy. While it's unpleasant to think about a hurricane, tornado, house fire, or other calamity destroying your property, spending a few hours in discomfort now can spare you many weeks of sorrow (and a great deal of money) should a disaster strike. Below are a few preventative actions you can take to ensure that any future insurance claims go smoothly:

  • Maintain a current home inventory – Proving losses is especially challenging when the items have been completely destroyed or washed away such as in a house fire or flood. Don't rely on your memory, create a home inventory before disaster strikes and have the proof you need. Use a digital camera or video camera and document everything including linens, tools, books, dishes, and clothing. These items are plentiful and expensive to replace. Not only that, they add up quickly and are often forgotten about during the claims process. Open all cabinets and drawers and document their contents as well.
  • Keep a copy of your insurance policy and home inventory in a safe location away from home – Your home inventory won't do any good if it becomes destroyed along with your possessions. Make sure to store it, and your insurance policy, in a secure location away from home. Online storage is an excellent choice for electronic copies.
  • Have the number of a trusted Brownsville public adjuster handy – Having the number of a trusted Brownsville public adjuster handy is a great idea. The sooner you contact your adjuster, the better.

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