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Why I should have my own insurance adjuster?

When you file an insurance claim, payment isn't automatic. You must prove that you have a valid claim, detail all of your losses, and support your claim with extensive documentation, supporting materials, and other proof. The insurance company will send an adjuster out to estimate your losses based on the information you provide. In other words, this adjuster doesn't necessarily look for additional losses. By having your own adjuster working for you, you have an industry insider who will help you uncover all losses and then prove them so that you are fully compensated for everything. Just as two opposing parties in a lawsuit each have their own attorneys, so should you have your own public insurance adjuster when filing an insurance claim.

What does a public adjuster do that a regular adjuster doesn't do?

Public adjusters serve the policyholder, going above and beyond the typical duties of an insurance company adjuster. It all comes down to who's responsible for claiming losses (hint: it's you). Since your public adjuster serves you, the adjuster looks after your needs and is committed to making sure that you claim everything you can under the terms of your insurance policy.

Can you help with all these claims forms?

Absolutely! We help with all aspects of insurance claims, including claims forms, correspondence, and paperwork. In addition, because we are insurance professionals with years of industry experience, we understand these forms and now how to fill them out accurately and completely, thus reducing delays and denials due to paperwork issues.

Can you help with my claim denial?

We may be able to. First, we'll need to review the claim and your policy. Reversing your claim denial may be a matter of correcting low construction estimates, documenting the damage, correcting paperwork, or disputing the insurance company's findings. Don't take a claim denial at face value; have a Brownsville public adjuster review it.

Is it possible to get a larger insurance settlement?

It could very well be. Public adjusters specialize in helping policyholders maximize their settlements. We'll help you claim everything you can possibly claim under the terms of your insurance policy.

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